5,300+ BTC were bought by 3 of the largest Bitcoin whales on January 7

Chinese journalist Colin Wu, who covers everything related to the blockchain and crypto space, has taken to Twitter to share data about today’s purchases made by major cryptocurrency whales.

Three of them have bought a large amount of Bitcoins on the dip today, Jan. 7, and one of them has sold the amount the other three had bought together.

Citing BitinfoCharts, Colin Wu writes that three of the top 50 BTC whales have purchased 5,322 Bitcoins. The 33rd largest wallet added 3,000 BTC. The amount of BTC stored in the 34th largest one has grown by 1,455 Bitcoins, and another wallet owner bought 867 BTC. That amounts to 5,322 Bitcoins in total, worth $225,204,067 at the current BTC/USD exchange rate.

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