Bitcoin’s (BTC) hashrate unmoved while Kazakhstan turns off the Internet

Bitcoin’s hashrate is largely unchanged despite a country that is thought to have about 5% of the global hashrate, Kazakhstan, cutting off the internet.

The blackout appears to be fairly strict with no internet connection among the general population. Thus mining nodes may have been cut off from the global network as well.

They may however have satellite connection or other backup, or the blackout is limited to residential areas because although there was a small dip in hash from 207 Exahashes a second (Ex/s) on January 1st to 168 Ex/s on January 3rd, it has risen since to 180 with the blackout occurring while the hashrate rose.

There have been rumors that the government there was limiting mining prior to recent events ostensibly to limit energy pressures. Thus either there is no more mining in Kazakhstan or they bypassing the blackout.

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