Gaming industry will become the gateway to mainstream adoption of crypto

Cryptocurrencies saw tremendous growth in 2021. The global market cap of crypto now stands at $2.25 Trillion. With features like secure and irreversible transactions, inflation protection, high yields, and cheap global funds transfers, crypto has become everyone’s go-to solution for finance. Multiple sectors are now joining the crypto bandwagon with their amazing decentralized solutions.

Despite their immense popularity, we are still a long way from widespread usage. Although it feels that crypto is growing, a population-wide analysis shows that crypto users remain a minority. The global crypto ownership rates were merely 3.9% in 2021, with over just 300 million crypto users globally.

However, industries are evolving to bring crypto to the masses and one of the key drivers of this growth is the gaming sector. According to analysts, gaming will be the key sector to offer blockchain and crypto a chance to become a genuine use case, not only by making games more immersive but also by developing internal economies that will educate people about cryptocurrencies. This $150 Billion industry is all set to push crypto to the masses.

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