Solana (SOL) game Mini Royale: Nations hits 2 million players after NFT launch

Last week, first-person shooter Mini Royale: Nations became the first live multiplayer game to run on Solana following the launch of its first in-game NFT items. Now developer Faraway has marked a new milestone, doubling the number of active players over the last month.

Mini Royale: Nations has now amassed more than 2 million total registered players, including more than 600,000 monthly active users (MAU). That’s more than double the previous MAU high mark that Faraway co-founder Alex Paley shared with Decrypt in early November.

The web-based shooter had already been live for months as a free-to-play online multiplayer game without any sort of blockchain integration. However, as planned, Faraway launched a series of 10,000 in-game items sold as Solana NFTs on December 9 and then activated them within the game on December 16.

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