Miami Mayor Francis Suarez explains why he’s bullish on Bitcoin mining in Florida

In August 2021, the USA held the majority of the world’s average monthly hashrate share for Bitcoin. As a natural extension of this, different American states are vying for a larger slice of the Bitcoin adoption pie – be it Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin on the balance sheet.

During an episode of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, Peter McCormack spoke to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez to learn more about Miami’s energy scene.

For his part, Suarez made it clear he was bullish on bringing Bitcoin miners to the Sunshine State. He said,

“…here in this country, we have an enormous opportunity to, you know, to get a larger market share of the Bitcoin mining, which I’m a huge proponent of. I think, what people don’t understand – it made a big issue of ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] which is a totally bogus issue.”

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