Cardano (ADA) network records significant growth in number of Plutus-based smart contracts

The world’s largest proof-of-stake cryptocurrency network, Cardano, has seen a significant uptick in the number of smart contracts written in its native programming language, Plutus. As highlighted by the Cardano Foundation on Twitter, the number of Plutus-based smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain has risen over 200% from just over 300 in the middle of November to presently approaching 1000.

The milestone indicates that Plutus is gaining popularity among developers. It also shows that IOHK’s efforts at boosting its popularity are paying off. IOHK carried out Plutus Pioneer courses prior to the launch of Plutus. The educational program, which attracted thousands of developers, has been noted by IOHK to be the source of “scores of projects” that are in various stages of expertise and readiness.

The increase is coming amidst growing activity on the blockchain network that is constantly evolving. Since the introduction of smart contracts capabilities with the Alonzo Upgrade in September, the Cardano blockchain has been awash with projects under development that utilize its smart contract capabilities.

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