Polygon has made another acquisition in the ZK-rollups startup Mir Protocol for $400 million

olygon (formerly Matic Network) has made yet another acquisition in the ZK-rollups space, buying Mir Protocol for $400 million.

Mir is an Ethereum scaling startup that utilizes zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology. A ZK-proof is a cryptographic tool that can be used to create ZK-rollups. ZK-rollups enable transactions to be processed but don’t require all transaction data to be posted on Ethereum. This helps to reduce the block space used on Ethereum — enabling it to scale — and reduces gas fees.

The deal follows Polygon’s acquiring of Hermez Network for $250 million in August.

Polygon says Mir Protocol possesses the fastest ZK-proof technology, meaning it can generate proofs faster and verify more transactions in a single proof. The Mir team has invested a lot of time designing and optimizing their ZK-proof technology called Plonky2, Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic told The Block.

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