Ethereum (ETH) at critical point, $4,000 retest or all-time high attempt next?

Ethereum’s price dropped under $4,000 for a brief period on Thursday before heavily recovering. However, the danger is not over yet, as ETH needs to break above critical key resistance.

Key Support levels: $4,000 – $3,850

Key Resistance levels: $4,350 – $4868 (ATH) – $5,075

ETH’s price is currently hovering around the key resistance of $4,350, the level that ETH was unable to close above over the past five days.

If failing to do so, ETH is likely to see another drop to retest the key support at $4,000 (September high), which was well defended by the bulls on Thursday. The overall market and ETH face a decisive moment that will define the price action for the remainder of the month.

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