Four Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs form a band to change the face of the music industry

Just two weeks ago Decentraland hosted the first Metaverse Festival with musicians from far and wide taking part in the epic four-day festival of avatars, music, and NFTs.

Now, just one day after the well-attended Ape Fest, Universal is getting a slice of the action by forming a virtual band called Kingship with four famous Apes from the Bored Apes Yacht Club.

Jimmy McNeils, a well-known NFT collector that has amassed a wide portfolio is supplying the Apes from his personal collection and the lucky members of the band will have the same manager as Snoop Dogg. A clever way for Jimmy to drive up the value of his apes.

The band is backed by Universal Music’s label 10.22 PM which was founded by Celine Joshua, so it will be joining some famous faces like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. It will produce music, perform in the metaverse and drop NFT collectibles.

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