Apple might ‘go ahead and allow for’ Bitcoin & other crypto payments in the future

The revelation that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook owns crypto has stunned people in the crypto and tech sectors worldwide. In response to an interviewer who asked whether he held Bitcoin or Ethereum, Cook claimed that he did. Further, he felt it was “reasonable” to own such assets in a “diversified portfolio.”

In his show, investment expert Anthony Pompliano unpacked the implications of Cook’s comments and how they could change the crypto industry as we know it today.

For his part, Cook made it clear that his investment choices did not hint at Apple accepting crypto as payment in the future. However, Pompliano felt differently. Though acknowledging he didn’t know much about Cook’s crypto investments, the investment exec was hopeful that crypto could become part of Apple’s business. He wondered,

“And so is there a day in the future where we see Apple go ahead and allow for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency payments? Absolutely, in my opinion…is there a day where they start to integrate with things like Web 3 or some of the other products and technologies that people are building? Absolutely…”

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