Shell parachain is 1st to be added to Polkadot; to ensure ‘block production, inclusion, and finalization’

Followed by the heightened anticipation and buzz surrounding it, decentralized storage network Polkadot finally released its very first parachain earlier today. The platform now seems ready to begin its much-awaited parachain auctions later in the month, with 100s of projects vying for a top spot on the top blockchain.

Polkadot’s team made the announcement on Twitter, stating that Referendum 41 had been passed by DOT token holders, registering the Shell parachain on Polkadot, which will “ensure block production, inclusion, and finalization.” It further explained,

“The Shell parachain has extremely limited functionality: it does not even have the notion of accounts. Shell only accepts messages from the Relay Chain to upgrade itself to something else.”

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