Matt Damon’s entry into world of crypto signals shift in mainstream acceptance of digital assets

News coverage of Matt Damon’s role as the spokesman of has been rampant. He’s the latest in a line of celebrities who have cashed in during their promotion of cryptocurrencies.

First, there were the nefarious early days of John McAfee boosting coins through his Twitter account. Then there were the tech scions like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban giving the industry backing. Then there were sports stars like Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrence.

While each of those names carried some panache among their followers, Damon is arguably a different face for mainstreaming cryptocurrencies.

John McAfee was followed by the libertarian wing of the tech community. He appealed to a niche segment of a very technical community. Mark Cuban and Elon Musk, meanwhile, appealed to the broader tech community. They attracted the early adopters – the kinds of people who were first in line to buy a Tesla or try out the newest Apple gear.

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