El Salvador buys 420 Bitcoins (BTC) during the dip. The investment is already profitable

The president of El Salvador has done it again. As a good Bitcoin maximalist, the price crash didn’t scare him, and instead of complaining or tweeting that his precious coin was going to $0, he just bought more Bitcoin, A LOT of Bitcoin.

In a tweet shared a few hours ago, Nayib Bukele announced that he bought the dip. Buying the dip is an expression that refers to taking advantage of a bear market to buy a cheap asset during the crash and then waiting to profit once the prices recover.

The president of El Salvador said he bought 420 more Bitcoin —a meme number associated with the marijuana community— in what seems to be yet another one of his many jokes, such as calling himself emperor of his country, putting lasers on his eyes, and tweeting with hashtags allusive to the most important cryptocurrency in the crypto world.

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