Phaeton introduces a renewable energy powered real estate tangible NFT marketplace

Phaeton has announced the development of a Real Estate Tangible Non-Fungible Token Marketplace that operates as a Sidechain to Phaeton Blockchain, a proprietary Blockchain technology of the company. The Tangible NFT Marketplace is a Blockchain platform for real estate developers and investors to trade TNFTs. In addition, the TNFT platform comes with a crowdfunding mechanism that allows sponsors and developers to mint tokens for their real estate projects and transacts them on the Marketplace.

Phaeton’s sidechains and smart contracts are a Blockchain ecosystem and tool for developing multi-sector business and cross-functional solutions. This feature of the Phaeton Blockchain enables the development of the Phaeton Real Estate Tangible NFT Marketplace. Additionally, as Phaeton prides itself as a Blockchain alternative, focusing on attending to people’s needs before profit, the Phaeton team has developed it to be energy efficient through renewable energy sources. This energy efficiency and low carbon footprint enable the sidechain-based Real Estate TNFT Marketplace to operate on similar lines.

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