Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) to upgrade successfully

The almost exactly one year old Ethereum 2.0 Proof of Stake (PoS) Beacon chain has upgraded for the first time ever.

“Altair has activated successfully!” – said Preston Van Loon, a developer on the ethereum 2.0 client Prysm.

“Finality was uninterrupted and participation dropped as low as 93.3% in the first Altair epoch (exact number to be confirmed). Participation is now above 95%,” he added.

The Altair upgrade “gives engineering teams something concrete to dig into,” the Ethereum Foundation said back in March before adding:

“Altair is an upgrade to the beacon chain that brings light client support, minor patches to incentives, per-validator inactivity leak accounting, an increase in slashing severity, and cleanups to validator rewards accounting for simplified state management.”

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