Walmart shoppers are able to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in over 200 locations

Walmart has introduced bitcoin ATMs across several of its U.S. retail stores. The kiosks, a venture between bitcoin ATM manufacturer Coinstar and bitcoin cash exchange platform Coinme, are the result of a test being conducted in collaboration with Walmart.

Coinstar and Coinme are working on implementing this initiative on a much larger scale, with plans to offer bitcoin at over 8,000 kiosks. The service will require customers to create a Coinme account and pass a subsequent background check. Customers at Walmart can insert cash bills into the machine, for which they will get vouchers holding bitcoin.

Bitcoin kiosks are one of the more expensive ways to obtain bitcoin, as they charge comparatively high fees. These kiosks will charge a 4% fee for bitcoin and a 7% fee for cash exchanges.

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