Most popular US gold ETFs record an average decline of over 7% in 2021

For ages, gold has retained the appeal of a haven for investors, with the precious metal witnessing inflows, especially in moments of economic turmoil. Despite the metal’s position as an investment vehicle, notable gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have recorded a negative return on investment in 2021.

According to data acquired by Finbold, the top seven gold ETFs in the U.S. by the highest average daily trading volume have returned an average of -7.41% on a year-to-date basis as of October 18. SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), with 7.2 million daily traded shares, has the highest negative returns at 7.54%. Elsewhere, iShares Gold Trust (IAU), with the highest daily traded shares at 8.6 million among the selected ETFs, has returns of -7.24%.

Elsewhere, SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust (GLDM) has returns of -7.44%. Goldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF(AAAU) has a -7.34% return on investment. Data on popular U.S. ETF returns provided by

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