50% of Africans invest in cryptocurrency to pay for their children’s education

According to a recent poll, most cryptocurrency investors from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa have entered the digital asset market with long-term goals such as securing their families’ wellbeing.

The London-based company – Luno – conducted a survey with nearly 7,000 participants from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia to determine the reasons that drove them into getting involved with digital assets.

Per the results, most residents of the three African countries are financially savvy and invest in sensible and long-term goals as 69% of them deal with crypto to provide a better life for their families.

Taking a closer look, 48% would allocate their salaries in digital assets to pay for their children’s future educational costs. In comparison, 43% would do the same to establish a fund to pass on to their relatives. Only 3% admitted they have no plan when making investment decisions.

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