Axie Infinity co-founder: “Gaming is the key to cryptocurrency adoption”

Jeff Zirlin runs the largest NFT project ever created. His monster battling game, Axie Infinity, boasts 1 million users and has generated $2.1 billion in sales, and it costs about $1,500 just to buy enough monsters required to play it. But like all successful startups that went from 0-100 in a hot minute, Zirlin is faced with the age-old question: how can Axie keep on growing?

For a game based around breeding, battling, and collecting player-owned assets, it’s an open question—one that Zirlin shared with Decrypt Editor-in-Chief Dan Roberts at the Messari Mainnet conference in New York this week.

“Axie is only maybe 6% complete,” Zirlin said. “We’re looking at upgrading our battle system in the next six months. We also have a DEX on the way that I think our community is super excited about.” Zirlin also touted Axieland, a game similar to Clash of Clans, where players can harvest resources, build towns, and battle over territories.

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