Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem receives the first fiat on-ramp with stablecoins

As Cardano-based DeFis are taking their first baby steps, their customers need secure and decentralized on-ramps and off-ramps for fiat money and stablecoins.

According to the official announcement by COTI Network (COTI), a digital assets payments platform, it has entered into a partnership with Ardana, a stablecoin hub on Cardano (ADA).

Ardana is going to bring decentralized stablecoin payments to ADAPay, a native payment system for the Cardano (ADA) community. Ardana customers will be able to purchase goods with their stablecoins wherever ADAPay is accepted.

Also, Cardano-based stablecoin payments will be accessible for millions of merchants worldwide, protecting them from being exposed to the volatility of cryptocurrency assets.

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