1,000,000+ El Salvador citizens use Bitcoin just days after making BTC legal tender

Bitcoin (BTC) is seeing mass adoption in El Salvador just days after the Central American nation made the benchmark cryptocurrency legal tender.

President Nayib Bukele tells his 2.9 million followers on Twitter that 1.1 million Salvadorans are already using Chivo, the country’s official Bitcoin wallet powered by BitGo.

“1.1 million Salvadorans already use Chivo wallet (and we haven’t enabled 65% of phone models yet). It seems that we will be able to bank more people in one month than they did with nationalizations and privatizations of traditional banks in 40 years. Bitcoin.”

El Salvador made history after becoming the first country to officially adopt Bitcoin on September 7th. The country promised its citizens $30 worth of BTC along with the optional use of the Chivo wallet.

Recently, Chivo registration was halted and the wallet had to be taken offline during off-peak hours to address technical glitches. Now, Bukele says that the app is fully operational.

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