Cardano (ADA) to welcome the first NFTs after smart contracts release

Mr. Hammond, an expert in the Haskell programming language utilized in Cardano’s (ADA) architecture, displayed three non-fungible tokens created with a novel instrument.

According to Mr. Hammond, a first clutch of non-fungible tokens is released on Cardano (ADA) via Plutus script token factory.

To display the newly minted tokens, Mr. Hammond shared the link to the corresponding address on Cardano (ADA).

As per the Cardanoscan explorer, besides 4.13 ADA, the aforementioned address holds three tokens dubbed “Kevin,” “Charles” and “Tim.”

These tokens were minted on Cardano on blocks 6236229, 6236236, 6236248, i.e., right after the activation of smart contracts functionality.

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