Billionaire Cooperman: “If you don’t understand Bitcoin, you are old”

While still maintaining that bitcoin doesn’t make much sense, the US billionaire Leon (Lee) Cooperman recently indicated that those who fail to understand the cryptocurrency might just be too old.

Additionally, he also warned investors and the US government to be careful when dealing with the asset.

The impressive USD price growth in the past several years and becoming a $1 trillion asset earlier this year has undoubtedly caught the attention of many prominent investors outside of the cryptocurrency scope.

Typically, they are separated into two groups – those who view BTC’s merits and allocate money in it – like Paul Tudor Jones III – and those who refuse to do so and criticize it – such as Warren Buffett.

Lee Cooperman, a US billionaire investor and chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, seems to be a member of the second camp. A few years ago, while bitcoin was ascending to its $20,000 peak at the time, he argued that it didn’t make sense to him.

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