Ethereum (ETH) north of $20K ‘feels about right,’ says macro guru Raoul Pal

Macro guru Raoul Pal predicts that Ethereum (ETH) can skyrocket over 480% from its current price of $3,427 in the coming months.

In a new Bankless episode, the former Goldman Sachs executive unveils how he derived a $20,000 price prediction for the leading smart contract platform.

“My price prediction has been ETH north of $20,000, and that’s pretty simple. All I did is just map over the ETH chart to the Bitcoin 2017 chart. They work perfectly, and it gives you $20,000. There’s no great science to that, but it feels about right.” 

Earlier this month, Pal called Ethereum the “greatest trade’ as changes in the fundamentals of the second-largest cryptocurrency work to significantly reduce the supply of ETH.

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