Apple company can get in on Bitcoin (BTC) using this strategy

Michael Saylor being bullish on Bitcoin is no news. In fact, he has often spoken about the digital asset’s potential to transform payments and become “the future of property.” However, in a recent interview with Dan Weiskopf, Saylor went one step further. Here, Saylor touched upon Apple’s potential to become the “world’s biggest, most profitable bank in the history of mankind,” through Bitcoin.

Realizing its untapped potential, giants in the tech and financial industries have invested in Bitcoin. However, only a few are leveraging and working towards advancing it. Saylor’s MicroStrategy is one of these and holds 105,084 Bitcoins, to be exact. Then there are tech giants like Tesla and Square Inc., both of which own 43,200 BTC and 8,2027 BTC, respectively.

However, “the apple of Silicon Valley,” Apple Park, has still not made any official statements about investing in digital gold. In 2019, Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey had claimed that Apple was “watching cryptocurrency” since “it’s interesting” and “has long-term potential.”

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