Cardano ADA’s 1 year ROI transcends returns from Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin may have become the best-performing asset class of the decade this year when its price jumped to over $63,000, then followed by Ethereum, but the two are nowhere close to Cardano’s return on investment performance this year so far.

ADA is now one of the top coins with the highest ROI this year according to data from CryptocurrencyChart. Going by this data, if you had invested in ADA at the start of this year, you would have seen a massive 1,421% annualized growth in the investment. Bitcoin has returned only +277% and Ethereum +625% in the last year.

ADA has been so hot in the market in the last week that it is now ranked top 4 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap in the world as per data from CoinGecko. In the last one week, ADA’s ROI is 48% compared to Bitcoin’s +2% and Ethereum’s +1%.

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