Dogecoin fan offers 10% discount on his house if buyer pays him in DOGE

An American from the state of Utah has joined the ranks of those who are selling their property for cryptocurrencies, according to local television station KUTV.

Scott Paul’s offer comes with a pleasant twist: those who pay in meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin will be able to get a 10 percent discount on his home.

Considering that it is priced at $389,000, that’s a pretty good incentive to use the viral canine coin as a payment method.

This is part of the plan, according to Paul. The Utahn believes that Dogecoin could become a viable currency in the future, and his sale could help push the joke cryptocurrency into the mainstream:

The decision was pretty obvious. I have a house I want to sell, why not push it to the limit to see if I can sell if for DOGE, because we have to keep using this currency if we’re going to get it to mainstream.

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