Cardano (ADA) to expand testnet support for smart contracts

Cardano has implemented the latest version of its testnet, Alonzo White, bringing smart contracts one step closer to a final release.

IOHK announced today a successful hard fork in which Cardano upgraded its testnet to Alonzo White. The upgrade went live on Jul. 15 at 19:44 UTC and is now producing blocks.

Alonzo White is an upgrade to Cardano’s previous testnet, Alonzo Blue, which offered smart contracts to a limited set of technical insiders. With this upgrade, the team let about 500 validators, stake pool operators, and developers test out the feature.

Alonzo White will run for two to four weeks before the testnet moves to its next stage. The final part of the Alonzo upgrade will take place in September 2021.

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