Ethereum (ETH) ‘flippening’ happening now and it might get broader

The Ethereum (ETH) ‘flippening’ of Bitcoin (BTC) has occurred in terms of dollars, according to Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky.

When asked by Kitco News presenter David Lin about the likelihood of Ethereum exceeding Bitcoin in market valuation, Mashinsky said,

“Ethereum already surpassed bitcoin in dollar terms as shown in the total holding of the Celsius community, and I think that the broader market will follow it in the next year or two. We will see that flippening happening in the broader market.”

Mashinsky revealed that when he makes his predictions, “I take a look at the Celsius figures and listen to what the Hodler community at Celsius is telling me every day.” Namely, the CEO of Celsius Networks measures his predictions by how much in dollars a million people hold on the Celsius network and whether they have more in Bitcoin or more in Ethereum.

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