Which bullish altcoin will outperform Ethereum this year?

A veteran crypto trader and influencer is singling out one mid-cap altcoin that he says will significantly outperform Ethereum this year.

The pseudonymous trader, The Crypto Dog says:

“The SOL/ETH chart looks incredible – extremely bullish. SOL could 10x and still have room to double before catching up with Ethereum in current market cap. I’m expecting Solana to catch up several multiples worth towards Ethereum’s market cap this year.”

Comparing the bull cycle of 2021 to that of 2017, the trader believes that the crypto markets are poised to print new all-time highs due to the influx of funds in the space.

“The difference between this cycle and last:

Many of us have made enough money to survive comfortably and continue to HODL (hold on for dear life).

And also, we as an industry have enough capital and ample expectation of future funding (eg a16z 2.2B crypto raise) to know we’ll see new highs again… New highs Q3 but they won’t believe it.”

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