Erik Voorhees to bet on Ethereum DEXs

Switzerland-based crypto platform ShapeShift has come a long way since Erik Voorhees founded it in 2014. From its launch until late 2017, it became one of the most widely known centralized exchanges. In recent years, the platform has pivoted to focus on being a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. In an exclusive interview with Crypto Briefing, Voorhees shed light on ShapeShift’s DEX strategy and the project’s forthcoming roadmap.

ShapeShift’s DeFi-focused plan of action took off in January 2021 with the launch of its Ethereum-based DEX aggregator.

Its new product allows users to trade ERC-20 assets and get the best prices across DEXs from a single interface. This puts it in competition with other leading aggregators such as 1inch and Matcha.

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