Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming more popular in the UK, but few people understand it

The latest data revealed that 78% of the UK residents have heard of cryptocurrencies, as 2.3 million of them hold some of them. Nonetheless, the overall understanding of digital assets has declined.

Digital assets remain a complicated industry in the UK, and the share of people investing in them is significantly lower than in other countries. However, the public awareness surged by 5% in a year, as in 2021, 78% of the locals have heard of cryptocurrencies compared to 73% in 2020, according to the FCA.

The number of individuals who own virtual assets has also increased as 2.3 million Britons have some cryptocurrencies, representing 4.4% of the population. Last year’s data showed this percentage to be 3.9%.

The locals seem to have invested a bit more this year and pushed the median holding from £260 ($361) to £300 ($417). Most crypto investors are male, wealthy, over 35, and with excellent educational levels.

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