Most Australian millennials ditch expensive real estate investments in favor of crypto

Young Australians now prefer digital asset investments to real estate investments or stacking cash in banks. At the same time, four million Australians plan to buy digital currencies in the next 12 months, third of who are millennials. This is according to the results of a recent survey done by YouGov and commissioned by the Kraken crypto exchange.

According to the findings, 31% of Gen X or those born between the mid-60s and early 80s, and 24% of Gen Z or those born between the late 90s and 2010, regard crypto investment as a better alternative to purchasing real estate. 22% of Millenials or those born between the early 80s and mid-90s prefer buying cryptocurrencies to stacking cash in banks. In contrast, half of the surveyed baby boomers said they are not invested in crypto due to its volatility.

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