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LATOKEN has launched 160+ IEOs since 2017
With 160+ offerings completed, we are rated the #1 IEO platform according to InWara Report
#1 IEO Launchpad in the World
Each project receives an individual IEO roadmap and we help clients to design and execute their marketing campaigns
In-Depth IEO Expertise
With mobile installs more than 100K+
1M+ registered users
Global investor with over $80bn AUM
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With mobile installs more than 100K+ and reach 90K on FB, 109K on twitter and 100k+ Subs on TG
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For each project we develop an individual IEO roadmap.
Your personal manager helps at all stages from pre-sale to secondary market listing.
We work hard everyday to make our clients happy.
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Viral referral program
Marketing campaign supervision
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Pitch Your Startup To Investors On VCTV. Book Your Slot Now!
Learn more about active investors who are investing in your industry and have the chance to pitch them along with our 5,000+ global audience! To get started, choose an investor, book a time slot that works for you, & prepare your pitch!
"Companies like LATOKEN have developed methods to help raise funds, making it possible for large-scale investments to be purchased by smaller-scale investors."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure my assets listed on LATOKEN will have liquidity?
LATOKEN is highly ranked by CoinGecko according to our liquidity, cybersecurity and trading volume.
We have been empowering and providing solutions to attract loyal audiences which enables organic trading volume such as: airdrop, viral referral program, and trading competitions.
You can also use the service of our liquidity support partners.

What are your last IEO results?
Among the recent IEOs launched on our platform, most of our projects have raised over 500 ETH in 2 weeks, and a project name BlockMaxx has raised $350K while another project raised 4000 ETH in one IEO round.
More results can be seen here:

Who are the investors?

Besides our LATOKEN regular user audience, we have a constantly growing base of investors who are involved in our VCTV by participating in panel discussions, evaluating project pitches and providing feedback. You can watch our previous online Roadshows as well as watch all our live Roadshows online via our VCTV widget on (which has 5000-15000 views per pitch).
Investors are representatives of such conglomerates and communities such as VC funds, angel investors, family offices, HNWI, and the crypto market investors, all included in the $80B+ network of our investor base.

Do you provide contacts of investors or introduce us to them?
We provide a great chance to introduce yourself and your project to investors by pitching live on our Online Roadshow. You can also check the LinkedIn profiles of investors who participate in our Roadshow panel discussion and request to connect with the investors after pitching.

How does pitching work?
Pitching allows to attract investors to your project. You can visit our VCTV and book a slot with investors in your sector. You will have 5 minutes to pitch your project at the Online Roadshow with a pitch deck shared on the screen.
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