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Earn FREE tokens to your wallet doing easy tasks
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Compete and WIN in Trading Competitions
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Why to participate in airdrops?

Latoken Free Coins
Invite your friends and get more cryptocurrency
Newcomers Reward
Get Free Coins
Invite your friends
For the newcomers
Cryptocurrency airdrop is basically a free token distribution provided by a project as a part of its IEO. Free coins are dropped directly to your digital crypto wallet.
You have an opportunity to get more cryptocurrency by inviting your friends into it and getting rewards within our referral program. Another great opportunity is to buy IEO tokens and get additional amount of tokens for free or participate in trading competitions and win the prizes.
By participating in an airdrop you help the project to grow because you're becoming a part of its community. Also airdrops are a good chance for the newcomers in crypto trading to start buying and selling cryptocurrency at LATOKEN crypto exchange.

Past Airdrops

Earn FREE tokens to your wallet doing easy tasks

Past Trading Competitions

Discover previous trading competitions at LATOKEN
LA Airdrop - 200 000 000 LA Giveaway
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