Visa’s head of crypto has revealed why Visa intends to continue supporting crypto ecosystem

In a recent interview with New Delhi TV (NDTV), Visa’s head of crypto, Cuy Sheffield, stated that the global payments giant will continue to support the global ecosystem after they had launched the Global Crypto Advisory service earlier this month.

Visa’s Cuy Sheffield earlier called cryptocurrency a “cool” asset. He explained this to an NDTV reporter, saying that digital currencies now attract more financial companies than before. Around 40% of those who own crypto are willing to leave regular banks and start using those that offer products based on digital currencies.

Sheffield also pointed out that the crypto sphere has greatly expanded in the past few years—from mere investing and payments to discovering new pieces of music and art. He believes that when mobile apps dealing with crypto are firmly integrated into consumers’ daily lives, they certainly have the potential to become “super apps.”

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