Third-largest Bitcoin (BTC) whale adds $13 million worth of BTC at $62 thousand

One of the largest BTC whales has bought more than 200 coins at $62,000 shortly after selling 1,500 bitcoins at $67,500. Today’s purchase comes amid the asset’s massive correction.

  • As outlined by CryptoQuant’s analyst going by the Twitter handle VentureFounder, the anonymous bitcoin whale has begun reaccumulating once again.
  • The entity has been quite active in response to the cryptocurrency’s price movements. The latest such example came earlier this month when they sold 1,500 bitcoins at $67,500.
  • As the asset began to retrace in the following days, the whale bought 1,123 tokens on November 12th at an average price of just under $64,200.
  • Earlier today, they made another purchase – this time 207 bitcoins at $62,000 for $12.8 million.
  • As of now, the whale has 108,528 bitcoins (at least in this address), which makes an unrealized gain of $4.7 billion, according to VentureFounder.

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