The $600M PolyNetwork hacker ‘is ready to return the funds’

The drama with the largest DeFi hack worth more than $600 million has taken another turn. After the perpetrator dabbled with potentially allowing a DAO to decide where the funds will go, he actually noted that he is ready to return them.

  • CryptoPotato reported yesterday one of the largest hacks in the industry to date when the interoperability protocol PolyNetwork was exploited for over $600 million worth of various digital assets.
  • New information regarding the attack started emerging immediately, including external analysis about how the project had used a single keeper wallet to protect the funds. Consequently, the hacker was able to sign off on a contract transferring all funds to his addresses after obtaining the relevant private key.
  • However, PolyNetwork provided another explanation, indicating that the perpetrator exploited a vulnerability between contract calls.
  • In the following hours, the attacker made a transaction on the already marked addresses embedding a code with his intentions of what to do with the funds. It reads, “what if I make a new token and let the DAO decide where the tokens go?”

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