The world’s 5th-largest mining pool leaves China for Kazakhstan — a major crypto mining pool that is operated by BIT Mining and owned by the NYSE-listed Chinese lottery service provider — has announced the successful relocation of its first batch of mining machines to Kazakhstan. was founded by Jihan Wu and was operated by Bitmain and Bitdeer until its acquisition by this February. As of the time of writing, the pool is the world’s fifth-largest, validating 10.4% of blocks on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

The relocation comes after the company was notified by the state grid in western Sichuan province that the power supply serving one of its local data centers would be suspended imminently. In its announcement yesterday, BIT Mining stated:

“On June 19, 2021, the Company’s indirectly held subsidiary, Ganzi Changhe Hydropower Consumption Service Co. Ltd […] received notice […] from State Grid Sichuan Ganzi Electric Power Co., Ltd. […] informing Ganzi Changhe Data Center, that its power supply would be suspended, effective 9:00pm Beijing time, June 19, 2021. Ganzi Changhe Data Center has since suspended its operations. Data centers in Sichuan, including the Ganzi Changhe Data Center, contributed approximately 3% of the Company’s total revenues in the month of May 2021.”

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