LATOKEN Fees structure

  • Spot Trading Fees

    LATOKEN rewards users who trade more, by offering a flexible trading fee schedule that beats our competitors'.

    Level30d Volume, $MakerTaker
    1Less than $10.0k0.49%0.49%
    2$10.0k - $50.0k0.39%0.39%
    3$50.0k - $100.0k0.29%0.29%
    4$100.0k - $250.0k0.12%0.19%
    5$250.0k - $1.0m0.07%0.11%
    6$1.0m - $2.5m0.06%0.09%
    7$2.5m - $10.0m0.04%0.07%
    8$10.0m - $20.0m0.02%0.05%
    9More than $20.0mZero0.04%

    Our system measures and updates your previous 30 day trading volume every minute including all trades across all crypto pairs. Then it is converted into a USDT equivalent using prices across 17 exchanges. You can check your previous 30 day volume and its corresponding fee level on your profile page. New fee level only applies to newly placed orders. And the most exciting part is that your fees may be lower even tomorrow!

    If you are a market-maker or a large corporate client, you are welcome to contact us via [email protected] to discuss your special requirements.

  • Futures Trading Fees

    LATOKEN offers Perpetual Futures trading fees amongst the lowest in the industry. We don’t charge you separately for the leverage.


  • Stock Trading Fees

    Transaction fee is given in quoted currency and charged for both buying and selling. Displayed value is for each stock in base asset.

    Administrative fee is calculated on a daily basis (calendar days) based on the available positions at the base currency value, in multiple of $0.01. Total value is calculated by: the summing-up of the daily fees for the number of days the position is held open by the Client. The fees are charged on closure of a position. Example. If the fee is 0.02: 5 (five) overnight holdings position of +10 (long position) will cost 5 x $0.02 x 10 = $1 of administrative fees.

  • Deposit fees

    We charge fees for all USDT deposits and a fee for deposits in other cryptocurrencies
  • Withdrawal fees

    Our withdrawal fees are charged in the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw. View the table below to get familiar with the withdrawal fee for the cryptocurrency you are interested in. We regularly update our withdrawal fees based on the market and blockchain conditions.
Withdrawal Fee (normal)
Minimum Withdrawal