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Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency that is utilized on the Cardano blockchain. It can be used to transact with others. Cardano is a next generation blockchain that is more scalable and interoperable than Bitcoin or Ethereum. Cardano has many unique features that set it apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is known for the flexibility of its smart contracts and low fees for transactions. Cardano uses decentralized proof of stake protocol instead of proof of work. Similar to Ethereum, Cardano blockchain can be utilized to built various decentralized applications. ADA allows all token holders to stake their tokens and participate in the network. The participants that stake their tokens are rewarded. ADA tokens can also be used in governance and voting on important decisions. Cardano price has been increasing as the Cardano protocol further develops. Trade Cardano with Bitcoin, in ADA/BTC trading pair on LATOKEN.