LAT Crypto Market Research

Executive summary

By 2025, total capitalization of cryptocurrencies may exceed $5 trillion as crypto wallet penetration exceeds 5% and asset cryptocurrencies pave the way for trading of asset tokens. Total capitalization of asset cryptocurrencies linked to real world asset prices (e.g. equity, debt, commodities, real estate) may account for at least 80% of total market share by 2025 as, in addition to the benefits of traditional cryptocurrencies, they are less volatile and provide new opportunities for portfolio optimization.

Trading volume of asset cryptocurrencies can exceed their capitalization by more than 10 times. Thus, trading volume of asset cryptocurrencies may exceed $40 trillion by 2025. Given that overall value of major asset classes is $600 trillion, total trading volume potential for asset cryptocurrencies is $6 quadrillion.

Asset crypto can be regarded as countercyclical to traditional cryptocurrencies. It is a more attractive alternative to real assets as it saves the costs of conversion from crypto to fiat, making this indispensable for cryptoportfolio diversification.


LATOKEN at a glance: Business model and financials

LATOKEN business model

The LATOKEN business model is based on charging low transaction fees to attract a wide range of cryptoholders and asset owners and drive up trading volume on the platform.

Our platform enables cryptoholders to diversify their portfolios by purchasing asset tokens linked to 5 classes of real assets (equities, real estate, loans, commodities and works of art) while allowing asset owners unlock the value of their assets.

Financial projections

Total value of asset cryptocurrencies could reach $4 tn by 2025 with trading volume exceeding $47 tn.

The value of asset cryptocurrencies traded on the LAT platform could reach $1.2 tn by 2025 with trading volume exceeding $14 tn as trading transaction costs fall to 0.001-0.01%

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